…offer flexibility. Once set up at their destination, tractor and trailer can be used separately.


…is the name of a line of legendary trailers that hail from the United States.

Food Trucks

…are conquering our cities. We offer both new vehicles and custom remodels.


…engineered by ROKA boast a professional design and promote smooth workflows.

Großer Showroom für Verkaufsfahrzeuge, Food Trucks und Verkaufscontainer

Colossal exhibit

Experience what hospitality on the road is all about by visiting our 3,000 m² showroom

Have you always wanted to turn your concept for a mobile catering enterprise into a successful roadside business? If so, a visit to our sales centre should be your starting point.

Mobile catering is evolving

There is no snack that has made a bigger mark on the mobile food vending industry in Germany than Bratwurst sausage. Available in a wide range of regional flavours, this classic German snack was given an enormous boost by the ingenious invention of the Currywurst. While Bratwurst and its other siblings from the sausage family remain widely popular, the snack market has witnessed a tremendous rise in variety.

We welcome the exciting developments in the street food business as an opportunity that challenges us to ignite our passion and devise new customised concepts. After all, we think of ourselves as sparring partners for our customers focusing on innovation and success rather than just a manufacturer of high-quality street vending systems. Whether you have ventured into pulled pork, vegan cuisine, and Asian specialities or remain focused on burgers or other classic snacks – you will benefit from a host of mobile food vending concepts that we initiated and established on the market. Take us at our word and put us in your corner before stepping into the ring with the fierce competition in the street food business.

ROKA’s new corporate image film

…grants a behind-the-scene look into our planning and manufacturing processes and carries you off into the “hallowed halls” of our production.

And, if we managed to pique your curiosity and made you interested in paying us a personal visit, please come see us at our showroom in Merenberg.


Übersichtsprospekt Verkaufscontainer von Roka Werk GmbH


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Übersichtsprospekt Promotion von Roka Werk GmbH


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