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Easy Up food truck from ROKA for catering and events.


  • based on the PIAGGIO Porter
  • Driving license class B
  • for Catering & Streetfood
Food truck for selling ice cream. The ice cream truck from ROKA.

NEW: Ice cream truck

  • charming vintage look
  • Reliable new vehicle
  • Driving license class B
Food truck from Flotte Lotte in Ulm.

Food Truck Manhattan

  • striking rivet look
  • all food concepts possible
  • available in 2 sizes
Buy Food Truck Continental


  • The European step van
  • based on the IVECO DAILY
  • Driving license class C1
Piaggio Easy Up ice scooter from ROKA


  • based on the PIAGGIO Porter
  • with lifting roof
  • Driving license class B
Food Truck Detroit - the new one with a US look

Food Truck Detroit

  • brand new look
  • All food concepts possible
  • Driving license class B
Food truck as a pizza sales vehicle


  • Food truck with a striking look
  • based on a Fiat Ducato
  • Driving license class B


  • A second life for old trucks!
  • Individual, high-quality vehicle conversion
  • Advice even before buying a classic car

Hello Food Truck!

The food truck reinvents itself.

More and more food trucks are conquering the cities and serving us a variety of delicacies. An entire street food scene has developed and revolutionized mobile gastronomy. We would like to contribute our many years of experience and enrich this colorful boom with all our specialist knowledge about food trucks and their vehicle equipment - because high-quality and creative food concepts deserve equally high-quality sales vehicles. At ROKA, you can buy your new food truck and receive top service, top advice and a robust and durable sales vehicle.

ROKA food trucks perfectly showcase your street food idea for hungry customers. Our sales vehicles also score points with technical reliability in everyday work, a new vehicle guarantee, attractive leasing offers, a green sticker and much more.


In German cities, food truckers have long since become true heroes in the fight against bland canteen food. Wherever they pull up, there is more than just currywurst and chips. Fresh organic products, regional home cooking and vegan dishes are served directly from the metal bellies of the angular trucks. We are proud to be part of this development, which is increasingly focusing on sustainability and variety.


Even if the popular US trucks with a made-in-Germany interior are of a significantly higher standard than their overseas counterparts, newcomers should not ignore important issues for the professional operation of their food truck. These are primarily aimed at reliability, use in city centers and the operating costs of the vending vehicles. There are a number of things to consider when buying a food truck:

  • How reliable and service-friendly is my food truck?
  • How quickly can my vehicle be repaired if it suffers major engine or transmission damage?
  • How can I reach my location in the city center "legally" without an environmental badge?
  • How many kilometers do I drive per month and is 30 liters per 100 km acceptable for my business plan?
  • Is it worth making a unique vintage car? In case of doubt, how high do I estimate the resale value?
  • Can I lease or rent the food truck?

The charm of a vintage Step Van alone is not enough for success. It is often better to buy a new food truck. A comprehensive service network, such as that offered by FIAT or IVECO, should not be underestimated in everyday working life.


With a love of detail, craftsmanship and authentic design, we have already helped launch many food truck concepts. Our new vehicles combine state-of-the-art technology with sensational design. They are handcrafted with passion and decades of experience in vehicle construction for the food service industry. ROKA customers benefit from our knowledge of smooth work processes, official requirements and other stumbling blocks, especially when it comes to interior fittings. New vehicle warranty, leasing offers and a green sticker for the environmental zones of major cities are a matter of course for us. At ROKA, you can not only buy a food truck - our wide-ranging network in the catering industry also enables us to offer complete food concepts, respond to individual requests or find suitable suppliers/partners for you.


Buy a food truck and off you go! BUT: Getting a permit for public streets or squares is not easy. The requirements of the market authorities for weekly markets are also not always easy to fulfill. In Germany, however, these permits are mandatory in order to be allowed to sell in public spaces. However, with a strong food concept and a proper vehicle, it is possible. Another option is event catering at city festivals and street food festivals.

Private plots are a popular alternative to municipal spaces: Supermarkets, company parking lots or brownfield sites in industrial estates. A deal with local companies is often easier to reach than in the town halls of the republic. And the hungry workforce of the surrounding companies is included.