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Buy a used food truck or get hold of a new stock vehicle? 

Top used and quickly available stock vehicles

Would you like to buy a used snack van, ice cream van or food truck? Then it's always worth taking a look here. The range is subject to constant change due to buying and selling as well as new production. Perhaps your sales vehicle is already here.

Link to immediately available stock vehicles.


We are making room for something new in the showroom. 

When the hustle and bustle of the summer season subsides, it's time for us to spruce up the ROKA showroom and stock it with new vehicles.

For you this means: exhibition items at special prices.

A special highlight this year: the beautifully detailed HISTORIC LINE vending trolleys.

Sales trailer for pizza and ice cream.

SALE - Exhibition piece

HISTORIC LINE trolley - ID H175L

  • Total length: 4700 mm, total weight 1,950 kg
  • Connection: 400V/32A
  • Snack bar | grill | tap
Small snack container for rent


CONTAINER - Vehicle ID N056

  • Dimensions: 3645 x 2435 mm
  • Connection: 400V/32A and 2 x 11 kg gas
  • Streetfood | Snack
Rent a coffee mobile in cup form.


HOTSPOT - Vehicle ID K059

  • Total length: approx. 4000 mm, permissible total weight 1,600 kg
  • Connection: 400V/32A
  • Coffee To Go | Bakery | Café