FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This list of frequently asked questions will help you find answers pertaining to Roka’s sales and food trailers, containers and available accessories, rentals and financing. Should you not find the answers you need, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Company and distribution

Where are you located?

In Mengerskirchen-Waldernbach, approximately 20 kilometers from Limburg/Lahn and the A3 Autobahn, Frankfurt/Cologne, Germany.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:30. Our sales consultants are also available during off hours by appointment.

Can I visit your production facilities?

You are welcome to visit anytime to view production of your product. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Do you have retailers in other parts of Germany?

To ensure the lowest possible cost to you, we have no retailers in Germany, but delivery or service of your vehicle can be arranged through our other production locations in Erfurt and Augsburg.

Do you keep an inventory of products in stock?

Our products are usually made to order. However, we occasionally have second hand trailers and kiosks as well as other products in stock.

Do you have an exchange program for my used unit or will you sell it for me?

That is usually decided on a case by case basis. We will often accept Roka manufactured products on exchange or for resale on a commission basis.

Do you sell empty shells?

Depending on the type of vehicle, we will sometimes sell an empty shell. Although our business is the production of fully equipped custom made vehicles, we will also consider installing your existing equipment into a new Roka product.

Do you rent your vehicles?

Yes, we offer some rental vehicles. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Approval and acceptance

Will my vehicle receive food standard approval and acceptance?

Our vehicles and products are manufactured to the highest possible standards relying on our many years of experience. However, rules very according to jurisdictions. Meeting the local food standards is the responsibility of the client and operator. You should check with your local authority beforehand. We will do everything possible to help you meet these standards.

Do your vehicles have a registration / TÜV?

Roka will ensure that your vehicle meets the German TÜV requirements. We can also do the required 2-year inspections required in Germany. Please consult your local authority for their requirements. We will gladly assist you in meeting their requirements.

Finance and payment terms

Do you offer financing?

Unfortunately, we do not offer financing options, but we do work closely with a number of financial institutions that can help you with your financing and leasing needs. Credit checks are performed by the financial institutions in consultation with you.

What are your payment terms?

We require a 50% down payment before production beings and the remaining 50% before delivery, based on the customer acceptance of the finished product.

Design and production

Will you help me design an exterior and visual concept for my vehicle?

We are able to help you create a design/concept that suits your particular business model. A consulting fee will apply based on the complexity of the design/concept. Please contact our sales consultants for details.

How long does it take to produce my vehicle?

In most cases, we require 6 to 7 weeks from placement of your order to delivery. However delivery time may be impacted during peak production periods.

Will you help me create a food concept for my vehicle?

With our extensive experience and access to a vast network of experts we can offer solutions to your gastronomy/food concept or catering questions and even help you design an original concept. Please contact our sales consultants for an estimate.

What color choices are available for my vehicle?

The primary colour for all our vehicles is white. Optionally, we can paint the interior and/or exterior of your vehicle in the RAL color of your choice. Metallic or specialty colors are also available upon request.

What is the maximum size of your trailers?

Trailers towed by personal vehicles, SUVs or small vans can have a length of up to 6 m and a maximum weight of 3.5 tons. Trailers towed by trucks can be longer and weigh more.

Transport and service


Will you deliver my trailer?

Yes, we can also deliver your trailer. Depending on the trailer type, we can tow it to your location or have it shipped. Please contact us to concerning associated costs.

Which trailer hitch do I need for my vehicle?

Our trailers weighing up to 3.5 tons use a standard ball hitch. Trailers with a height-adjustable drawbar use a DIN-towing hitch.

What type of vehicle do I need to tow my trailers?

This depends on trailer weight. Our lighthouses, coffee cups and smaller beverage trailers can be towed with a standard car. These have a maximum trailing load of 1,600 kg. Our snack trailers and other trailers with a weight of up to 2.7 tons can be towed by a smaller SUV or van. Larger trailers over 2.7 tons can only be towed by large SUVs or trucks.

What electrical connection do I need on my towing vehicle to ensure proper road lighting for my trailer?

Our trailers run on a 12 volt system using a basic 7 pole plug or an optional 13 pole plug. We can also provide you with an optional 24 volt system.

What electrical connections are needed for my vehicle when on site?

The required power supply will vary depending on how your trailer is equipped. Typically our trailers operate within a range of 230 volt/16 A to 400 volt/64 A. Beverage trailers and promotional trailers with a maximum 3,300 watt system run on 1 x 230 volts. Snack trailers and other vehicles with electrical consumers usually run on a 400 volt/16 amp or 400 volt/32 A system.

Can my trailer run on a generator?

Yes, it´s possible. 230 volt generators are relatively cheap to buy or rent. Running a 400 volt generator is unprofitable in the long term. We recommend you use gas appliances.



Will my vehicle require a fixed water supply?

Our vehicles can be equipped with various water supply solutions, such as fixed water connection, a reservoir system or a combination of both. Your local food standard authority will make the final determination regarding what is permissible for your operation.

Are your vehicles available in a gas version?

Our vehicles can be configured in either a gas or electrical version or a combination of both. Gas operated refrigerators are also available.

Are you able to provide assistance with the documentation required for my sales stand?

Although we cannot help you directly with the application process, we can offer suggestions regarding potential areas of concern. Please contact us with your question.