Roka Werk GmbH

Vending systems for mobile food businesses

We are the leading specialist in engineering, manufacturing and upgrading vending vehicles and containers used in the catering industry. Currently, approximately 135 employees contribute to the success of the family-owned company, which was founded in 1966. Our personnel work at a total of three locations. ROKA Werk GmbH is headquartered in Mengerskirchen. The primary company location is complemented by the sales and service centre in nearby Merenberg and the production location in Tatabánya / Hungary.

Roka Werk GmbH - Zentrale in Mengerskirchen / Waldernbach

Headquarter in Mengerskirchen


What we do…

Specialising in the construction and upgrading of food trucks, vending trailers and vending containers, we set new standards in the field of mobile food vending. For decades, ROKA has been the embodiment of unsurpassed craftsmanship, utilisation of premium materials and singular innovative prowess. Our customers hold these characteristics in high regard and benefit from them every day.

Since 2007, we have also been an authorised reseller for the AIRSTREAM brand on the European market. These celebrated US caravans are sold both as classic travel caravans and diner models tailored to the catering industry.

What drives us…

Our passion, solution-oriented work approach and our a management style that furnishes our employees with a high degree of responsibility are the driving forces behind the relentless refinement of our product selection. These qualities have allowed our product portfolio to grow with our abilities for more than 50 years now. Over these last five decades, we have managed to acquire the expertise necessary to constantly raise the bar for our competition. Aside from our acute technical abilities, this expertise is founded in an extensive network that spans across the entire industry and has put us in a position that allows us to afford every ROKA customer additional value.

Verkaufs- und Servicecenter von Roka Werk GmbH in Merenberg

Sales and Service Centre in Merenberg


Roka Fuchs

What we hold close to our hearts…

Our success hinges on the trusting relationship we share with our customers and partners. Our on-going communication with them allows us to devise practice-oriented sales units that prove their worth during daily use and offer features that are optimised for the customer’s specific requirements.

The final product are trailers, food trucks and containers that give ROKA customers a decisive edge over their competitors in a fiercely competitive industry. We pour all our passion into the success of our customers because, at the end of the day, their success defines our own success.

50 Jahre Roka Werk GmbH

50 YEARS of innovation and experience

are an incalculable asset to our customers in every possible way. This is because our solutions are comprehensive and encompass the development, the design and the construction of mobile food vending units with intricate interiors that promise an exciting experience and encourage customers to spend their money.