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Sales Trailer


A trailer is probably the most fl exible way to provide delicious fast food. Whether longer location tests, changing events or farmers‘ markets – the mobile kitchen is transported quickly from one location to another and thus creates leeway in the choice of business model.

As a result each vehicle that leaves our factory is unique and offers proven reliability, the latest innovations and a great appearance. In addition to the standard installations which have repeatedly proven themselves we also confi gure individual expansions in close cooperation with our customers.

Roadrunner - Der stylische Imbiss- oder Streetfoodanhänger


The outer casing is hand-crafted from fibre-glass reinforced plastic. This enables its characteristic shaping. Moreover, in a Roadrunner you will find everything that you need for operation of a mobile sales unit.

Verkaufsanhänger aus Edelstahl für Street Food


The riveted outer casing of high-gloss polished stainless steel gives it the flair of the hot fifties. However with the sales trailer, not only are you on the road, guaranteed “sure as steel” – equipped with a custom kitchen facility, the hot vehicle is also suitable for every trend food concept.

Verkaufsanhänger mit Schwenkgrill

Grill Trailer – BBQ

With their large swivel grills and freezers, the BBQ Grill Trailers are perfectly equipped for doing business with steak, bratwurst and the like. You score with fast set-up and take-down times, as well as fast cooking times and incredible sales quantities.

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