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Interior furnishings


In addition to delicious street food and a cool vehicle design, above all the interior furnishing of your sales unit is of crucial significance, after all it is certainly the centrepiece of the sale and it is the day-to-day work environment.

Not only must the vehicle be equipped with the necessary devices, it must also be optimally adapted to the work flows, easy to clean, warm in winter, and it must be built to take it. It should also impart a harmonious overall look, and it should not, under any circumstances, show indications of the hard job – even though in the day-to-day routine everything is demanded.

No problem for the interior of a ROKA vehicle: Our products have a soul – an interior space that makes fast work easy, does not cause any stumbling blocks in the day-to-day work routine, and after work is thankfully easy to clean. You can rely on these “inner values”.

Cooking Equipment

Benefit from decades of experience in the manufacturing of kitchen appliances. ROKA appliances set themselves apart through their performance and durability.

Leistungsstarker Gasgrill von Roka für Streetfood

High-performance gas grill

Belegstation für Burger im Food Truck

High-quality preparation station – refrigerated

Fritteusen von Roka für Food Trucks

Electric fryer with chip scuttle

Interior design

Seamless: Perfectly fitted devices, well thought-out arrangement and optimal lighting ensure a harmonious overall look.

Innenausbau Food Truck Continental
Innenraum von einem Airstream Diner XL

Quality in the details

Almost too beautiful to disappear behind closed doors: the effectively laid-out electrical sub-distribution. Quality and safety are the highest priorities.

Professionelle Unterverteilung

Electrical sub-distribution


Wasserversorgung mit Tanksystem für Verkaufswagen

Self-contained water supply


Gasflaschenschrank von einem food Truck Manhattan

Gas bottle cabinet with ventilation


Best materials

Whether a seating arrangement in the guest room, or interior furnishings of wood – the materials in our vehicles are carefully selected.

Ledersitzgruppe in einem Verkaufswagen Airstream Diner XL

Seating arrangement in the Airstream Diner XL


Extravagante Lampen für Food Trucks

Extravagant lamps tailored to customer requirements