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Press release, 09.06.2022

ROKA Bakery Café - the semi-mobile container solution


Rapid expansion and maximum flexibility in the bakery industry - ROKA implements the QUB® BAKERY CAFÉ for traditional company Die Lohners.


Top performance in expansion - Germany's market leader for mobile catering systems, ROKA Werk GmbH, accelerates and dynamises branch expansions for the traditional company "Die Lohners" with the QUB® BAKERY CAFÉ - a container system that can be set up and dismantled again in record time as a fully functional bakery branch.

ROKA has implemented and installed an initial 108 square metre modular solution for the bakery company "Die Lohners", including a sales and baking area, storage area and rinsing room, as well as a 33-seat inviting guest room. The QUB® Bakery Café has been built in the middle of a business park between shops. Guest and staff toilets can also be installed in the QUB®, but are covered here by the social rooms in the business park. The container facility is complemented by an adjoining outdoor terrace with additional seating areas. The site owner gives up parking space for 7 years for the dynamic installation and receives guaranteed rental income from the bakery chain during this period. At the end of the rental period, the Lohners branch moves to another location - with an installation time of only a few days. Afterwards, the space can be used elsewhere.

"The semi-mobile design of the system gives us the flexibility we need to achieve capacity utilisation in production due to short installation times. We were able to manage a first well-frequented, competitive location within three months of planning," reports Helmut Moll, Managing Director Sales at "Die Lohners", which operates over 170 specialist shops.


The QUB® system

The shop fitting of the container solution is a combination of branch and café and was implemented with the bakery chain's in-house architect in exactly the same way as is customary in stone buildings. Exterior branding was also carried out with the QUB® options of exterior cladding and advertising systems. Equipped with its own baker's oven, the container not only produces fresh, delicious-smelling bread rolls, but also relieves the distribution chain. The QUB® is now ready for use and ready for any relocation. With a civil engineering company, the necessary pipes for fresh water, waste water and electricity are connected to the existing network at the new location within 24 hours.

"The QUB® container unit is another mobile catering solution from ROKA that we perfected during the pandemic - a time for optimisation towards dynamism - as a modular "cube solution"," says Volker Beck, managing owner at ROKA and adds: "Especially in the traditional bakery industry, this gives the necessary momentum for the future. We are proud of the cooperation with "Die Lohners", who look back on 110 years of company history and are absolutely open to innovation."


Lighthouse project in the bakery industry

Thanks to the modular concept of the QUB®, everything from a compact espresso bar to a large bakery shop with café can be implemented - even a drive-in counter is possible with this system. Even in the smallest version, QUB® units offer a functional preparation and serving area, a preparation room, staff room and WC as well as a bright and inviting guest area. Thanks to the modular system, the QUB® is available in countless sizes, from 54 square metres.

The QUB® system, with its short construction time and flexible use of space, has already been used by the burger chain Five Guys to replace one of its competitor's areas with the highest turnover worldwide. Technology giant SAP has also deployed the QUB® system and uses it on the company premises for receiving and issuing home office equipment. This reduces traffic and contacts within the company buildings. The VW engine plant in Chemnitz uses a QUB® for employee catering. The application possibilities are manifold.

The QUB® Bakery Café is the second flagship project for innovation and expansion in the bakery industry that ROKA has implemented this year, following the Bakery Trailer for Braaker Mühle.


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