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Container bistro for Watt'n Blick is semi-mobile and seaworthy

Germany's first gastronomy "on the Seaside of Deich" meets strictest requirements


"Watt'n Blick" is the name of the food concept of two young entrepreneurs from Norddeich, because their guests can enjoy a unique North Sea panorama. Further locations are also in sight. Because Watt'n Blick proves what seemed impossible until now: that gastronomy can be reconciled with a natural World Heritage Site and operated in a high-water area. The seaworthy and semi-mobile bistro in the QUB® container is the first on the seaward side of the dike in Germany. Other resorts on the North Sea coast have now also caught wind of this.

The coastal town of Norddeich is the gateway to the East Frisian Islands and has the most expensive stretch of beach in Lower Saxony. Although the location promises good business, there has been a lack of appealing gastronomy. The requirements imposed by the building authorities, dike authorities, the drainage association and the Wadden Sea National Park Authority were too daunting. It took two young locals, actually still students, to get the grain of sand rolling. No one thought it was possible for anyone to pull it off, according to the local press. Today, the Watt'n Blick beach bar is booming - with self-service drinks and simple snacks.


QUB® container system enables dream location

A restaurant right on the foreshore of the dike? The young operators have fought for what was previously unthinkable. A good dozen building permits had to be obtained so that their gastronomy on the Wadden Sea - in the middle of a World Heritage Site and a flood zone - could become reality. This was only possible with a gastronomic solution that could withstand the enormous wind loads, the salty air and the sandy subsoil in the coastal area. An extremely stable and durable sales unit, in other words, which can also be dismantled in less than twelve hours in the event of a storm surge.


QUB®: Seaworthy building to go

Stable references were what led Veit Neemann and Tom von Gösseln to ROKA Werk. The German market leader for gastromobile systems offers a suitable and proven solution with the modular container restaurant QUB®. For the young entrepreneurs from East Frisia, a QUB® system was constructed that already withstands frequent dismantling and assembly as well as a high volume of guests at peak times as standard - for decades.

Consisting of just a few parts and reinforced with steel, the container solution for Watt'n Blick can be dismantled in under twelve hours and transported away by crane. A C5 coating also protects against corrosion caused by the moist and salty sea air. The container restaurant was delivered as a plug-and-play solution. It took less than 36 hours from delivery to the fitters' after-work beer.


Competition for the beach chair

"There are very few places to enjoy the sunset more beautifully," reads a Facebook comment. This refers to the roof terrace, which was implemented by ROKA Werk for the first time in this form. The roof plateau, which is equipped with high-quality terrace planks, is accessed via two staircases. At 60 seats a protected sea view is offered. This is because extremely reinforced and glass-filled railing elements keep out the stiff breeze. The terrace rests on two container modules, which, in addition to the sales area, also house a toilet and cold storage. All together, this adds up to 72 square meters.


Early hibernation

In October, Watt'n Blick is dismantled and stored in a hall until Easter - after a successful first season. A well-deserved reward for the determined boys who, at just 24 and 25 years of age, have demonstrated business acumen and steadfastness. When asked what lesson he draws from this project, Neemann replies, "I now know that there is a solution to every problem, even if it doesn't seem like it at first. If you are willing to go the extra mile, you can do anything." ROKA Werk has already met many young entrepreneurs and has no doubt that Watt'n Blick will continue to grow. It's a good thing that QUB® is growing along with it.


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