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Mobile catering systems create employee satisfaction


ROKA sees food trucks and trailers increasingly being used as an employer branding tool. Popular street food concepts from the branded food truck or completely new mobile systems are used for employee catering, ensure employee satisfaction and thus create clear added value for employees.

ROKA Werk GmbH develops and manufactures unique sales vehicles and containers that can be used to bring catering services into the workplace. Food trucks currently offer canteen operators the opportunity to reach employees outside the possibly closed stationary canteen. Or they create a gastronomic offer at the locations where the employees are present.

ROKA presents three employer branding success stories through mobile restaurant systems.


JR-Foodtrucks: Mobile restaurants for construction sites

With over 1,800 employees at eight locations throughout Germany, the Josef Raedlinger Group is one of the leading medium-sized construction companies. For Mr. Rädlinger and the entire management of the family business, the idea of mobile employee catering on construction sites was a project close to their hearts. Company boss Josef Rädlinger: "Just as we look after the machines, we also have to look after our employees."

The decision for the mobile restaurants for the JR construction site supply was based on the cooperation with the market leader for mobile catering systems, ROKA, and their 50 years of experience.

Jiri Cerny, Project Coordination Team at the JR Group: "What we particularly liked about ROKA was the human contact, the interaction was very good and pleasant. We always received clear answers and a suitable solution was always found. Of all the companies we approached, ROKA simply had the best overall package."

The JR Group used the planning phase with ROKA for the design, selection of the vehicle model and its equipment as well as the construction period to recruit chefs with a truck driver's license.

Company boss Josef Rädlinger: "Eating a balanced diet is extremely important for our health. The food trucks also make this possible for the workers on the construction sites, without having to travel long distances to get food and losing so much time from their lunch break."

Since July 2021, four chefs in three food trucks have been on the road every week from Monday to Thursday, rotating at the Josef Rädlinger Group's construction sites. The menus are free of charge for the workers. An internal employee plans the tours.

Three different food concepts were developed for the trucks, focusing on freshness, regionality, abundance and sustainability. The food is served in recyclable menu boxes and cutlery.

Josef Rädlinger, JR Unternehmensgruppe on the offer: "The response has been extremely positive. The employees are simply delighted when the food truck comes." Some construction sites are cut off from traditional food supply options such as bakeries, butchers or snack bars. The work can be hard and that simply leads to hunger. "Our main focus here is on appreciation," adds Rädlinger.


PITSA: Stone-baked pizza from the vending machine for 24/7 supply

Volker Beck, managing owner of ROKA, and Ercan Altun from Market Kitchen GmbH are expanding the market for their concept of the - a vending machine that integrates refrigeration and a stone oven to serve fresh pizzas self-sufficiently.

The first tests in front of supermarkets are underway and now it's on to companies where employees are on duty 24/7. "The Pitsa concept is ideal for feeding employees during night and weekend shifts when company canteens are simply closed," says Altun.

Pitsa promises a hot meal at any time. 96 pizzas can be stored for 72 hours in the vending machine's cooler and do not require any additives to artificially extend their shelf life. Maintenance is taken care of by ROKA, which has been in business for over 50 years.

The company's history stands for experience and reliability. Companies receive the stone oven pizza machines from in their own corporate design.

Altun develops the corporate identity of the pizzas in the food service sector - a "pizza identity" for companies that can take employee wishes into account in the creations, or is also involved in the naming of the pizzas.

It is eagerly awaited that the "Employee of the Month" will be given sovereignty over their own pizza creation in future.


TRIVAGO'S CULTURE KITCHEN - Employee catering at the highest level

Trivago demonstrates how modern working culture works on its own campus in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen. A key factor is the central meeting point for all employees in the "Culture Kitchen", which serves international cuisine for employees from 65 nations in various food courts. The commercial kitchen planner for the project, Profitabel Resultants, is a medium-sized consultancy and planning office for the hotel, restaurant and communal catering industry.

For the North American dining culture, the concept takes up the idea of food trucks. By opting for an AIRSTREAM Diner, the creators have opted for an American design icon that effortlessly combines the casual with the stylish.

We know the iconic, curved, silver Airstreams caravans from American films. The caravans stand for the longing for freedom and independence with maximum comfort and timeless design. ROKA is the only supplier in Europe to have the license to convert the new vehicles from the cult factory in Ohio for mobile catering. This gives food brands absolutely unique vehicles.

Christian Meissner, Managing Director of Profitabel Resultants: "The entire project was a great task and has developed into a major nationwide prestige project. All the wishes and planning specifications were implemented excellently by ROKA. We were very satisfied with the excellent cooperation."


The motives for purchasing a food truck are therefore complex. Creativity and a new perspective on your own business pay off, because the locations and purposes of food trucks are almost endless.

By the way: We offer you a large fleet of rental vehicles. For example, you can test for a season whether food trucking is the right extension for your catering business. We will be happy to advise you on your choice of vehicle. During a visit to our showroom, you can get an overview and take a close look at the vehicles. 

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