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ROKA Container for Five Guys Germany

Burgers from the container: Five Guys opens pop-up store in Zweibrücken


Germany's market leader for mobile gastronomy systems, Roka Werk GmbH, has manufactured and installed the first burger pop-up store in the form of a mobile container solution for Five Guys Germany. The popular chain from the USA, which operates in the better burger segment, has found a way to expand quickly even in highly frequented locations with the container construction method - there are no long construction sites - the installation is completed within a few days.

The prototype of the Five Guys pop-up store was set up as a take-away container in an outdoor restaurant with seating in the Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet. The successful opening took place on 10 November and the schedule was met exactly. "The timely implementation, despite difficult supply chains, was a top performance of which we are proud," reports Volker Beck, managing owner of ROKA.

Five Guys Germany, based in Düsseldorf, relies on the pop-up store in container construction to be able to open another location quickly. No lengthy construction sites, no permanently built-up areas - these are the arguments used to get locations. The prototype for Zweibrücken is a bright red container unit in the popular sea container look. The white lettering on the edge of the roof is visible from afar. The interior comes in the typical Five Guys look with red and white tiled counter fronts and stainless steel clad walls, as well as preparation visible to the customer. The show kitchen is a typical feature of the Better Burger chain. This stands for quality and transparency, and of course also serves to whet the burger appetite.

The 3-part Roka container facilities with 45 m² of space for production and sales plus 30 m² of refrigeration and preparation space include restaurant technology from Five Guys from the USA in addition to Roka's gastro solutions. The building is equipped with automatic extinguishing systems and full air conditioning. As a beverage solution, Five Guys offers the Freestyle System from Coca-Cola in the pop-up store, as it already does in some branches.

The delivery of the first Roka container for Five Guys to the Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet has quickly spread among the malls. Because everyone knows that a Five Guys restaurant is a customer magnet. At Five Guys Germany, they are eagerly awaiting the experience with Roka's pop-up solution. The possibility of being able to implement the system offers the company flexibility in space planning and makes it attractive for many locations.

Jörg Gilcher, Germany boss of Five Guys about the first pop-up store of the burger chain: "Expansion through high-traffic areas like malls is usually a lengthy process. To be able to meet our high demand in Germany, we rely on the cooperation with ROKA and on innovative solutions."

From the first contact with ROKA to completion, just eight months passed. At Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet, the sea containers were delivered, connected to a system and completely installed in only four days. Ms. Knoll, Leasing Director of Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet on the Five Guys solution: "The concept is plug & play. The short installation time is extremely impressive. We know that the expansion of a classic indoor restaurant is otherwise associated with lengthy construction sites. In addition, we are upgrading our outdoor areas here and at the same time generating something everyone loves with a brand new system: burgers."

The fully installed container system weighs 50 tonnes and was delivered in individual prefabricated modules. More than 500 metres of data cables were laid for the digital processes in the production and sales containers. "The communication between all instances of Five Guys Germany, Five Guys USA, the construction department and the centre worked excellently. This is the necessary basis for the very good result in such a short time," says Beck about the job. The announcement of further locations is expected soon.


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