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BASERUNNER Food Trailer - lighter, more flexible, cheaper

ROKA, the premium manufacturer for mobile catering, launches new entry-level model.


The BASERUNNER is the youngest child in the family of ROKA sales vehicles. It is the entry model into the world of premium food trailers. The attractive trailer impresses with a striking design in three color options and a modular interior concept. In the BASERUNNER, the high-quality catering equipment typical of the industry leader is encased in a shell made of the latest high-tech materials. The latter in particular gives operators enormous advantages in terms of handling and weight.



Thanks to the use of alternative materials, the new model is significantly lighter than comparable vehicles in this class. One example of this is the shell made of high-quality MonoPan® panels. This material is one of the lightest and at the same time most robust solutions in vehicle construction. ROKA has also optimized the material mix in the interior. Where it is not absolutely necessary, the use of stainless steel has been reduced. Instead, waterproof wood materials with hard-wearing coatings are used. This not only makes the interior lighter and more sustainable, but also gives it a modern ambience.

All in all, the BASERUNNER has thus slipped into a significantly lighter vehicle class and can be towed by towing vehicles with a towing capacity of two tons. "It is even possible to maneuver the vehicle manually, provided the ground is level," says a delighted Volker Beck, Managing Director of ROKA Werk. "But above all, the reduced weight opens up more freedom for our customers in their choice of towing vehicle. In a classic snack bar configuration, the trailer weighs less than 1900 kg," Beck continues. The slim food trailer actually creates room for new logistics concepts, right through to e-mobility. As standard, the BASERUNNER comes with a 100 km/h approval and an anti-snaking hitch, which ensures significantly increased driving comfort.



A thousand little interior design decisions? Not with this model. The experienced manufacturer spares its customers the minutiae and relies on a proven floor plan that has become established as "best practice" over the years. Thanks to the modular interior concept, there are still more than enough options for realizing a wide variety of street food ideas. Equipment placement is variable within predefined areas. This means not only flexibility in the sales idea, but also investment security.



In the premium segment of sales vehicles, where ROKA vehicles are at home, the BASERUNNER definitely offers the best price-performance ratio. The vehicle meets the highest standards in terms of quality. Its modular system also allows equipment in different performance and thus price classes to be used or existing equipment to be used. This is a good solution for beginners who may want to upgrade to high-quality equipment at a later stage. By the way, ROKA also offers absolute high-end quality for gastro-professionals with its own range of equipment.

Another advantage: The lightweight trailer saves its owner high purchase and operating costs for vans or large SUVs. The latest addition to the ROKA family can tow a car or compact SUV with a towing capacity of up to 2,000 kg, such as a VW Passat or Ford Kuga.

The prefabricated design also allows the manufacturer to put together a more favorable base price. In its basic configuration with a high-quality interior and parking space preparations for cooling and equipment, the BASERUNNER is priced at around €53,000. ROKA naturally also offers attractive leasing and rental options for the new model.



For all those who are interested, it should be mentioned that the annual ROKA in-house exhibition is scheduled for April 1 and 2 in Merenberg, Hesse. In addition to the product novelty BASERUNNER, you can experience the whole world of ROKA vehicles and containers live there. Inspiration guaranteed! Second-hand offers and immediately available vehicles have also always been a good reason for a visit directly to the manufacturer in recent years.


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Food Trailer Baserunner as a food truck in 3 colors.


  • the new lightweight
  • 100 km/h approval
  • under 1,900 kg in full equipment


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