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Press release, 23.05.2022

ROKA BAKERY TRAILER - everything but stale.


The bakery industry has discovered the food truck: ROKA implements innovative bakery trailer for traditional company Braaker Mühle.


Germany's market leader for mobile gastro systems, the ROKA Werk GmbH, has developed a new mobile catering system for the sixth-generation family business. Braaker Mill took its weekly market appearance to the next level with an innovative mobile bakery - orders for catering at major events followed.

In 21 specialist shops as well as at 10 weekly markets, the Braaker Mühle Brot- und Backwaren GmbH supplies the the greater Hamburg area. Here, tradition and modernity have been lived for six generations. "We need tradition for the production of high-quality food. This includes the processing of regional raw materials, for which the Braaker Mühle also symbolically uses its own actively operated windmill," explains Tim Lessau, master baker and bread sommelier at the Braaker Mühle and part of the youngest generation in the family business. The windmill at Braaker Mühle has been in the family since 1859 and still reliably grinds all the wheat, rye and wholemeal spelt flour required. Lessau is instrumental in bringing the Braaker Mill into the technologised 21st century.

Volker Beck, managing owner of ROKA Werk GmbH, on the cooperation: "The Braaker Mühle approached us with the wish to implement their high-quality baked goods in a future-oriented mobile food concept. Important for this is the functional scope of the vehicle, which should ensure the high quality of the products through just-in-time production and seamless distribution to the consumer. This is where we came in for a high-tech trailer that can bake. The trailer is virtually a small branch in its own right. This has not yet been implemented in this way for the bakery industry," Beck adds.


Foodtruck not only for burger trucks

"I have observed the use of food trucks for a long time. The food truck acts like a magnet. It's about the fresh implementation of good food that people know and appreciate. I completely missed that in the bakery industry," Lessau says. "With our previous sales vans for the weekly market, no further development is possible. Our goal was to bake fresh at the market with a stylish food truck and to highlight a product, in our case the rolls, as a bestseller. There was no supplier who could or would have done this, except ROKA. As specialists for mobile gastronomy with a soft spot for fresh food preparation, they have unique solutions for every part of the functional interior design. We received a highly individualised implementation that provides us with more than what we had imagined," Lessau adds.


The custom-made ROKA Bakery Trailer

ROKA has designed the Bakery Trailer as a trailer in the look of a sea container, which clearly sets it apart from conventional bakery weekly market trailers. 

The Braaker Mill's wish was to be able to bake the best-selling rolls and Franzbrötchen fresh in the style of a food truck. For this, ROKA installed a high-performance oven mounted on a slide-out system. This means that doors can be opened on the rear wall of the trailer and the oven can be pushed out a little, so that no space is lost inside and you can work comfortably.

The vehicle can be hydraulically lowered for the "real" sea container look. Then hardly anything can be seen of the wheels and the serving height to the customers, who are attracted by the fresh bread smell, is absolutely pleasant.

Furthermore, a huge advertising display was installed, visible from afar, which is created by the sales flap in 170° position. From now on, this is not only the eye-catcher at every weekly market, but the Braaker Mühle has now also been booked for major events with the Bakery Trailer.


The use at events

"The highlight is the oven - like the burger is the grill. With our fresh baked goods of the highest quality and the new bakery trailer, we now also have our first use at a major event, the OMR Festival (Online Marketing Rockstars) in Hamburg," Lessau reports and adds: "Everything we can do in the specialist shop, we can now also implement with the bakery mobile from ROKA. This gives us a super presence and expands our activities in the direction of high-quality event catering. You can recognise us by the mill in the logo."

"We have developed an uncompromisingly high-quality vehicle here for a customer whose top priority is quality in all areas. The Bakery Trailer for Braaker Mühle is a durable and robust sales unit that allows them to cover the new business area of large events in addition to the weekly market," Beck concludes.


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Sales trailer with sea container look.


  • Car trailers up to 3.5 t with road approval
  • Visually a sea container - logistically a trailer
  • hydraulic lowering


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