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The legendary trailers of the Airstream brand captivate the beholder with their own unique charm. ROKA sells the official new vehicles of the legendary USA factory throughout Europe. The trailers delivered from the factory are specially developed for Europe and comply with the standards and required regulations that are usual here.

We turn these American design icons including their exquisite interior furnishings into food carts that have no equal. In addition to the great design, new vehicle guarantee, purchase and service from the licensed dealer, as well as attractive leasing offerings, also ensure the necessary business solidity – new originals are only available from ROKA!

Amerikanischer Imbissanhänger von Airstream

Diner One

Its 5.3 meter structural length and a maximum overall weight of 1900 kg make the Diner One the perfect partner for your street food concept.

Perm. overall weight: 1,800 kg

5340 x 2500 x 2700 mm

Amerikanischer Streetfood Anhänger

Diner XL - Guest Room

A spectacular 6.8 meter structural length gives the Diner XL a footprint of approx. 17 m². Thus, in addition to the spacious kitchen, there is adequate space for a guest room that accommodates up to 8 persons.

Perm. overall weight: 2,680 kg

6840 x 2500 x 3035 mm

Airsteam Diner XL als Streetfoodanhänger

Diner XL

The Diner XL is an unbelievably beautiful catering trailer with a great 17 m² kitchen on wheels. The model can be upgraded in different colours or wood décors.

Perm. overall weight: 2,680 kg

6840 x 2500 x 3035 mm

Airstream Germany – the official reseller of Airstream Travel Trailers in Germany.

Airstream travel trailers have been manufactured in the USA since 1931 to this day. Since 2006 Airstream travel trailers have been available as official European products, these are available exclusively from Airstream Germany.

Inspiration and adventure for 86 years
In 1931, the company history began with Wally Byam’s dream of building a lightweight travel trailer that would glide through the wind with minimal resistance.

What makes an Airstream so special?

Timeless and durable

Airstreams are timeless design icons with more than 85 years of tradition. More than 65% of all Airstreams that have ever been built are still on the road.

Craftsmanship and quality

Each Airstream is a unique hand-crafted original. It takes 300 – 400 work hours to manufacture an Airstream; the work hours it takes to manufacture a normal travel trailer are often not even 10% of these numbers.

Value retention

Often Airstreams remain in their owner’s possession for decades, or they are even inherited. Nevertheless, should you ever decide to sell your Airstream, you will be pleased with the very high value retention of your vehicle.


Airstreams are never out of style. In keeping with the philosophy of the founder, our products are carefully cultivated but not radically changed. To this day, the unique design of Airstreams remains unsurpassed.


More than 80 years of tradition. The brand owes its worldwide recognition to the long corporate history and the legendary caravans of the company founder Wally Byam. However, today the community is also highly active around the world and welcomes many new members every year.