Use our accessories to turn your ROKA vehicle into a one-of-a-kind piece of art that fits in seamlessly with your business concept and everyday work. Adorn your trailer with advertising elements and illuminated displays that are sure to turn heads.

But, original ROKA accessories afford you more than just looks of admiration: Handy solutions such as slide-on money trays, sausage shafts or the manoeuvring assistant will lighten your workload considerably. Our selection of accessories offers you a slew of options, allowing you to tailor the vehicle to your particular needs. No matter which equipment you end up selecting: ROKA accessories will always fit your ROKA vehicle like a glove. Guaranteed.


Whether you opt for the water and power supply connection kit, the levelling chocks for uneven parking spaces, fire extinguishers or safety grease containers – ROKA supplies everything necessary to make your work easier and your vehicle safer.

Fire extinguisher and safety grease container for food trucks

Fire extinguisher and safety grease container

built-in gas generator for autonomous power supply

built-in gas generator

Manoeuvring assistant for sales trailers and food carts

Mover allowing for manoeuvring by remote control


We have the roof structures, advertising displays and menu boards you need to draw attention to your delicacies in the most stylish way possible.

Roof banners for food trailers and sales carts

Roof banners with a custom design

LED menu board with changeable slides for food trucks

LED menu board with changeable slides

Wind and weather protection

Experience shows that the cold season of the year generates less revenue. To cushion this effect, we offer an exhaustive portfolio of wind and weather protection accessories ranging from heaters to enclosures.

Sliding glass panels as an add-on option for food trailers

Sliding glass panels for the sales opening

Wind screen for food carts

Weather screens

Heater for sales containers

Heaters with heat shield


A scrumptious cuisine is not complete without delightful entertainment. Only if the two come together will you turn a visit to your vehicle into an experience. Whether you put on a soccer game, a concert or an image video ­- our multimedia equipment combines stellar image quality with powerful sound, adding tremendous value to any culinary business.
Multimedia system in the food truck

Integrated flat screen

Sound system as an add-on option for the sales trailer or food truck

Powerful speakers